Bringing the Virtual Reality experience at Eminence

Last Updated on, November 7th, 2022

Marathon Realty is a design driven company. And design always needs to be inclusive. We strongly believe that building spaces is all about the user experience. And at Marathon Group, we have dedicated the past 49 years, to building residential & commercial spaces keeping the users in mind. For our recently launched project Marathon Eminence in Mulund West, we have created a 3D walkthrough of the sample flat leveraging our in-house expertise in 3D rendering & modelling. You can experience this 3D model using a virtual reality (VR) headset at the sales office. Unlike most other builders in the country we do not outsource our architectural renderings to 3rd party agencies. We do it in-house, with minute attention to detail, so that what we propose, is actually what we build. Every dimension, colour and detail is throughly vetted by our engineering and design team before the model is made for exploration.

This model not only allows our customers to browse through the flat, but also gives a sense of the actual view which they will be getting from every room. We have used the actual drone footage to make the experience as realistic as possible. The walk trough can be accessed both on the desktop and explored much like a computer first person shooter game, as well as through a VR headset like Samsung Gear or Google Daydream View, by using the phone as a primary means to access the created model


Experience the living room in virtual reality


The Headset gives a completely immersive experience of the proposed flat, lets the customer navigate through all the rooms and explore the flat to their hearts content. Currently we are using two Virtual Reality headsets at our sales office and have receieved great feedback on the experience from all potential customers.

This is great! It feels very spacious, well lit and homely!” said a customer after using the headset as our sales executive explains the advantage of more usable space as per the floor plan design.

We are planning to roll out the same for our other on-going projects as well. Parmeet Shah, director Marathon Group said, “For an industry where customer experience is the cornerstone of every decision, VR coupled with augmented reality (AR) has huge potential to revolutionize the home buying process. Exploring the building elevation from every angle, changing the furniture layout in the sample flat, switching up the colours in the room…the possibilities are endless

Marathon Eminence is a marvel of modern architecture merely 2 minutes from Mulund station.Come check out the VR experience at Eminence sales office. We’d love to walk you through our project.

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