Grand Panchanika Mahotsav at Monte South

This past week, Monte South was the proud host of the Panchanika Mahotsav, essentially meaning, a five day festival celebrating the disciple of Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Shrimad Vijay Shreyansh Prabhu Suriswarji Maharaj, namely Param Pujya Panyas Pravar Dharmadarshan Vijayi Maharajsaheb being rewarded the Acharya Padvi.

Alongside, two youth from the Jain community also took sanyas and left the material world for good. To celebrate this mega event, the Saat Rasta Jain Sangh chose Monte South as their venue.

The event began with Kumbh Sthapna on the 3rd of Feb and since then the festivities have drawn over 2000 people each day with religious rites performed by 64 sadhus and 115 sadhvis to the awe of everyone present. Moreover, 30 mumukshu (disciples awaiting sanyas) and 108 married women also participated in the event.

The welcoming of the exalted personages was done in person by the Shah and Adani families in humble prostration. The event was beautifully designed and the increased participation led to even greater personalisation. Beautiful gahulis (rangoli made of grains) were made for decoration and added to the ambience.

Monte South