Floor plans that make more sense than ever before.

At Nexworld, every inch and every dimension matters. We’ve thought about each function and each interaction and made careful decisions so you have an exceptionally comfortable experience. 

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Every dimension matters

Here’s an example of how deeply we think about each space.Many developments – to save a few square feet – design very small rooms for children. These rooms are so small, you can’t even fit a desk inside them. To us, it was incredibly important to make sure that we designed a children’s room where two kids could study comfortably.


Our children’s bedroom is purpose designed to fit in two desks, a queen bed or two single beds, and 8 feet wide cupboard space.

Every square foot matters

Here’s another example of how we think about spaces. A lot of apartments have ‘invisible passages’ that cut across the space and result in a lot of wastage. It also creates some dead spaces that are unusable. These issues also create some serious problems and constraints in terms of furniture layouts. 

Typical apartments with invisible passages

An apartment at Nexworld with efficient passages

And there’s lots more

Come and take a guided tour of our sample flats and you’ll see that our plans are packed with design innovations that elevate your living experience to a whole new level