1 RK homes in NeoHomes, Bhandup

The 1 RK or studio flat is one of the hottest selling apartment configurations in Mumbai. 1RK flats are perfect for small families, working professionals, and first-time home buyers. 1RK flats also typically have high rental demand and rental returns. If you’re looking for a 1RK/Studio flat in Bhandup, check out Marathon NeoHomes. Marathon NeoHomes offers well-designed, high quality, and affordably priced 1 RK (Studio) flats in Bhandup. Marathon NeoHomes, an award-winning series of affordable housing projects in Bhandup West, offers 1RK flats in several projects and across a range of sizes, prices, and possession dates.

1 RK flats in NeoHomes, Bhandup

The 1RK (studio) flats in NeoHomes are smartly designed and offer flexibility for different furniture layouts – whether you’re a couple or a couple with one or two kids, you can design the flat as per your requirements. All the 1RK flats have large windows offering good views and plenty of sunlight and ventilation.

About Marathon NeoHomes

NeoHomes is a new generation of high quality, budget homes in the city – located at Bhandup W. NeoHomes are perfect for the modern Mumbaikar – smartly designed urban homes in superb skyscrapers with efficiently designed apartments. At a location that is set to grow and with a range of engaging amenities enabling an active lifestyle – live the life you always dreamed of. Built by a name you can trust, NeoHomes are smart, sensible, and solid. With NeoHomes, Marathon has an ambitious vision for Bhandup with over 100 acres of proposed development in Bhandup W, 5000+ homes being planned and several projects launched already.


What is the price of 1 RK (Studio) at Marathon NeoHomes, Bhandup?

Check out our pricing page for details on the price of our 1 RK (Studio) flats at Bhandup

What is the size of the 1 RK (Studio) flat at Marathon NeoHomes, Bhandup?

The studio flats at Marathon NeoHomes range from 155 – 211 sq.ft.

What is the possession date of the 1 RK flat at Marathon NeoHomes, Bhandup?

Check our project status to learn about the possession dates of various towers at Marathon NeoHomes

What are the types of 1 RK flats at Marathon NeoHomes, Bhandup?

The NeoHomes 1 RK flat in Bhandup is available in a range of sizes from 155 – 211 sq.ft.

Does Marathon NeoHomes have 1 BHK flats and 2 BHK flats at Bhandup?

Yes, Marathon NeoHomes has 1 BHK flats and offers combination flats that serve as a 2 BHK.

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