Cutting-edge construction

Marathon structures are built to last. We use cutting edge construction technology and adopt the best practices in construction, safety and compliance. We take pride in delivering high quality products in the quickest time possible. Our engineering prowess is second to none.

Rock solid structures

We use cutting edge aluminium formwork instead of traditional ply, which means that our structures are precision engineered with incredibly smooth concrete finishes, and are highly leak resistant and rock solid. The technology, which we were amongst the first to adopt, also allows for significantly faster construction.

On-site batching plants at most of our sites generate high-grade concrete on-demand, and an on-site material testing lab enures the highest quality finishing.

Concrete is the single most important material in construction. We obsess about the quality of our concrete at each and every step of production.

High quality production: The aggregates are combined in on-site batching plants in most of our projects, which are highly automated to prevent any kind of human error. The concrete produced is pumped to the site for pouring within 30 minutes of production. Most other developments use conventional concrete mixing trucks, which means production to pouring takes a lot of time – resulting in concrete that is not as consistent, and has gaps

Use of catalysts: We use catalysts like fly ash and high performance admixtures which significantly increase the durability of concrete as they catalyse chemical reactions that fill up any gaps left in the concrete.

Extensive Testing: Chlorides from the environment is the main culprit in corroding concrete over a long period. However, we use advanced tests like the Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT) to ensure that our concrete will stand the test. Our concrete typically performs almost twice as well as the technical standard.

Acrylic Waterproofing Compounds: Highest quality concrete, and cutting edge aluminium formwork go a long way to prevent leakages. However we go a step further in preventing leaks. Traditional waterproofing compounds require curing – you are required to maintain very specific temperature and moisture conditions for weeks else the material fails. This is almost impossible to achieve and monitor in an active construction site and is prone to human error. We use cutting edge acrylic waterproofing compounds that don’t require such curing ensuring our structures are leak proof.

Result: Such unique practices help us create state of the art concrete that will stand strong for 75 years without needing any major repairs and protect you from all kinds of infuriating issues like leakages, cracking of paint, tiles etc.

Micro-Managed Quality

Our engineers go right till the source of the raw material to ensure that quality is uncompromised. Marathon always uses premium and time tested materials for all the finishes, from the external paint to the interior flooring.

On-site quality testing labs
Our engineers go to the very source of concrete aggregates (raw material) to ensure they are of the right size and shape.

High quality raw materials
Our engineers go to the very source of concrete aggregates (raw material) to ensure they are of the right size and shape.

External Paints
We always use premium, polymer based external paints that typically cost twice as much as what is used in the industry. These paints prevent green patches that you typically see on buildings due to growth of microorganisms. They are also highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and do not fade easily.
Tiling Practices
Typically, the tiles are fixed on top of a slab with cement. But cement often provides an uneven surface. This is why we use adhesives that spread themselves evenly and prevent the tiles from cracking. We even lay the tiles in each toilet ensuring that the toilet fixtures come either in the centre of a tile or at a joint so that it looks perfectly symmetrical.
Road Design
Even the roads we make are of an incredible quality. We hire road design consultants to custom design our roads based on soil characteristics beneath. We use the Proctor Compaction Test to ensure proper compaction of the substrate because improperly compacted substrates are the main culprits that lead to bumpy, uneven roads.

Pioneers of
Best Practices

We do not outsource our construction and our engineers retain full control over construction quality. With our leadership team having decades of engineering and construction expertise, we have been pioneers of many best practices in the industry.

While most of the industry outsources the construction of their projects to contractors, Marathon does the entire construction in house. This gives us complete control over the quality of our construction.

Typically, once a developer has his final drawings for a project ready, he hands them over to a general contractor thereby outsourcing the actual construction of the project. The contract is at a fixed price, so the only way the contractor will make money is by reducing his own cost. This creates a conflict of interest – the contractor is incentivised not to deliver great quality, but to cut corners, use cheap materials and save cost.

In its history of 50 years, Marathon has never outsourced a project to a general contractor – we build our projects ourselves (*we only outsource the labor). This allows us to be in complete control of the quality. And if something goes wrong, we know exactly how to fix it and don’t get into blame games with the contractor. We make decisions that may increase costs but will help in the long term – the rest of the page highlights the hundreds of such big and small things that are a part of every Marathon project.

Energy Usage

We have conducted extensive solar and wind studies to ensure that the towers are oriented to maximize natural light and ventilation while reducing energy consumption. Double glazed windows keep the homes cool even during the summer.

Energy Savings
Use of Low-E glasses causes a significant saving in AC costs as they are better at blocking the heat from the sun. We also use gearless drives in all our elevators, which saves energy cost in the long term.

Water Savings
We have sewage treatment plants in almost all of our projects that results in huge water savings.

Ensuring Health and Safety

The health and safety of the residents of our buildings is of the utmost importance to us. Over the years we’ve pioneered many practices to ensure good water and air quality and have also taken several steps in ensuring electrical and fire safety.

Air Quality
We use automatic ventilation fans in our basement so the air is consistently of a high quality. Use of low VOC paints ensures that the paints don’t affect the quality of air in your home.

Water Quality
The water supply in any building comes from water tanks. These tanks typically have microorganisms growing on the walls and some of these can gravely affect your health and well being. This is why it is standard practice at Marathon to use tiles on all the surfaces inside our tanks as it greatly diminishes the amount of microorganisms.

Electric Safety
Studies show that 80% of fires in our city are caused by electric mishaps. At Marathon, we have a huge list of additional safety precautions when it comes to electricity. We use only the highest quality hardware, most of which comes from a German company called Schneider, a worldwide industry leader. We deploy circuit breakers at 3 different levels of the electric system – one in the flat, one in the meter room on each floor, and one at the substation. We separate the Low Voltage and High Voltage ducts to avoid interference and use chemical earthing instead of traditional earthing.

Fire Safety
The approving authorities now have highly stringent fire safety standards that we comply with, but of course we don’t stop there. We deploy advanced ‘Automatic Addressable Fire Alarm Systems’ which help us determine the exact source of fire. We use isolators in our fire detectors and even give them separate electric supply – this ensures that the whole system doesn’t fail even if one detector fails. We use low smoke hazard cables to reduce smoke in case of fire because typically it is seen that smoke causes more damage to human life than the fire itself

Elevator Safety
We deploy Automatic Rescue Devices – a piece of hardware that will ensure that the elevator goes to the default floor (ground or basement) and opens up, even in cases of power failure. Further, we have Automatic Changeover Panels that automatically switch the emergency power to generators, which is typically done manually.


Eco-friendly construction choices have been consciously including the use of low VOC materials, reduced CFC content, ozone friendly fire-fighting, while on-site debris is re-cycled and reused, preventing construction waste from causing ecological damage.

Laying cement