Marathon Referral & Loyalty Program

It’s Time To Be a Friend Indeed!
Refer a friend to any of Marathon’s properties and get rewards worth up to 1% of the new purchase. Your friend will get a discount on his new apartment too – it’s a win-win!

How to Spread the Marathonite Advantage?

If you’re are a Marathon customer or a resident of a Marathon property or you work at any office housed at a Marathon commercial property or have visited a Marathon property in the past 1 year, you can refer your friends in the following ways

Share your unique referral code via

Email us your friends details
Or simply ask them to mention
you as the referrer in the form when they visit

We will get in touch with your friend and arrange for a site visit to the property.

Example: If your friend books a flat worth Rs. 1 Cr at our ongoing project he will be eligible for rewards worth Rs. 50,000 and you will be eligible for rewards worth Rs. 1 lac if you are a Marathon customer or vouchers worth Rs. 5000 if you’ve visited or are a tenant at any Marathon property.

How to redeem?

1. If there are any outstanding dues against your Marathon apartment, you will receive a credit note worth the reward amount against the pending charges.

2. If there are no outstanding dues against your Marathon apartment, we will issue gift vouchers worth the reward amount.

After a successful referral you’ll get an email & sms from us with detailed instructions on how to redeem. You will also get a call from our customer care manager with all requisite details.

Refer now

Share your unique referral code & get rewards up to 1% of the flat value.

Make sure to tell your friend to mention you as the referrer when they visit.

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Marathon Loyalty Program

If you are an existing Marathon customer or, are/were a resident at any Marathon Property, and book a new apartment with us, you get an instant discount of 1% on the agreement value of your new home.

Terms and Conditions

Referee: Any customer who books a new flat with us through referral/loyalty
Referrer: Anyone who refers a new prospect to us
Vendor: Any registered contractor, Sub-contractor, vendor, supplier or any current employee of a contractor, sub-contractor, supplier or vendor associated with Marathon Group
A successful referral means that the referred customer has booked an apartment with Marathon Group and completed the registration of his new property. The following clauses also need to be applicable for the referral to be valid.

Referee Checks
If the referee has visited the property with a broker in the past 90 days, he/she will not be eligible for the scheme
Referral scheme is not applicable in case referee is a blood relative – (sibling, spouse, parent or child i.e. any one is referrer and another is referee and vice versa). Loyalty scheme would be applicable for such cases.
The referee should not be an existing Marathon customer or engaged in a purchase discussion with a Marathon executive in the last 90 days.
The referee must either mention the unique referral code or the name, address and contact number of the referrer on both the site visit form and the booking form
In case the referee has stayed/ is staying/working in any Marathon property (residential & commercial), referral scheme is not applicable, loyalty is applicable in that case
If the referee is a current employee of any marathon vendor, referral program will not be applicable. Loyalty will be applicable in that case.
Referrer Checks
In case of referrer staying/working in a rented Marathon property (residential & commercial) or a past resident of a Marathon property, address proof (residential/office whichever applicable) is to be provided by referrer prior to payout.
In case the referrer is a Marathon customer, he also needs to have completed his registration.
The referral rewards payout for both referee & referee will be processed within 45 working days after the referred customer & the referrer (if customer himself) registers his/her agreement for sale, whichever is latest.
In case of cancellation of the residence by referred customer, Marathon Group will not be liable for any distribution of any rewards to bother referrer & referee.
In case of any conflict by either parties, the decision of Marathon Group will be final
Marathon referral & loyalty scheme is not applicable for any Marathon employees
Marathon Group reserves the rights to include, modify and/or remove projects in the referral program and the referral program itself without any prior notice

Shaping the city skyline

We are currently building several townships, affordable housing projects, ultra-luxury skyscrapers , small office spaces and large business centers spread across the whole Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR)

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Grow with us

we belive our clients are our biggest assets to carry our legacy of trust forward. Our referral and loyalty programs are a means to thank all our customers who have been active proponents to our cause and have helped us continue our marathon’s our way of saying, let’s grow together.