Construction Updates, September 2021


% mentioned above is the current demand due as per the construction linked payment schedule

Tower Floor Details Detailed Updates
NeoSkies – Rehab building RCC work RCC work completed till 16th slab 95%
Finishing work Blockwork completed till 12th floor
Plumbing Conceal work completed upto 8th floor starting from 4th floor
Gypsum work completed upto 8th floor
Water proofing completed upto 8th floor
Electrical Conceal Work in block work completed upto 9th floor
Infra STP pcc- 80% done, Raft r/f 60% completed
NeoSkies – Sale building RCC work Plinth – 100% completed, ground floor work ip – 95 % completed
NeoHills – Rehab building RCC work RCC work of 7th floor slab in progress
NeoHills – Sale building RCC work Substructure work till 107.5m level complete
1st plinth level completed, 110.4m 2nd plinth level slab in progress
NeoSquare – A wing RCC work 1st slab casting completed ,2nd slab column casting till beam bottom level completed
NeoSquare – B wing Ground to OHWT RCC completed
Flat Finishing Concealed plumbing completed Kitchen platform, flooring, gypsum, door installation completed (till 16th floor)
Common area finishing Gypsum on some of the floors completed
Services Only fire fighting completed
NeoSquare – C wing RCC RCC of main building completed
PAP unit – extension flat at 8th floor level
Chajja casting for kitchen completed from Gr to 12th floor
Flat finishing Kitchen extension work at 8th floor is in progress Rest finishing inside the flat is completed
Common area finishing Completed
Services Services of extra flat(PAP unit flat No 7) is pending rest is completed