Construction Updates, June 2021.

Construction Updates, June 2021.

Construction Progressing smoothly

Eminence construction is in full swing and we have completed work up to 11 slabs. We have already constructed the Rehab tower till 18 floors. The Sale tower is set to replicate the same pace in terms of construction.


% mentioned above is the current demand due as per the construction linked payment schedule

Tower Floor Details Detailed Updates
Sale building RCC work Completed till 20th slab
Blockwork 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th floor completed
Sample flat Sample flat at 2nd floor completed
Rehab building RCC work RCC- 18th slab completed
RCC Center core – OHWT & lift & staircase completed till 22nd floor (100% completed)
Finishing work (till 16th floor partial handover) Fire fighting- 90%
Internal wall putty- 90%
Conceal plumbing- 90%
Door frame fixing- 90%
Dado Tiling – 90%
Flat flooring – 90%
Kitchen platform- 95%
Waterproofing – 95%
Window fixing- 90%External painting – 50%
Electrical internal wiring – 80%