What is 7/12 Extract and Its Importance?

Last Updated on, March 3rd, 2023

7/12 extract is an important document needed for various financial and legal transactions pertaining to the land, such as buying or selling, taking a loan and transferring ownership. It is also called Saatbara Utara in Maharashtra. 

7/12 extract is a combination of two forms – Form No 7 (VII) and Form No 12 (XII). Form 7 gives the names of owners and occupants, their rights, and details about the plot and the crop. Form 12 provides details about the agricultural aspects of land such as the type of crops produced on the land, the cultivable land area and the uncultivable position. 

The 7/12 extract is maintained by the revenue department of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The 7/12 Document is prepared by the Talathi and signed by the Tahasildar.

Importance of 7/12 Extract

Following are some important uses of 7/12 extract:

Proof of ownership: The 7/12 extract acts as proof of ownership of the land and can be used as evidence in court if there is a dispute over the ownership of the land.

Required for legal and financial transactions: The 7/12 extract is required for various legal and financial transactions related to the land, such as buying or selling, taking a loan, and transferring ownership.

Shows revenue and assessment details: The 7/12 extract shows the revenue and assessment details of the land, which can be useful in determining the value of the land and calculating the taxes that need to be paid.

Shows encumbrances and liabilities: The 7/12 extract also shows any encumbrances or liabilities associated with the land, such as mortgages or liens, which can be useful in determining the true value of the land.

Details Mentioned in 7/12 Extract

7/12 extract has the following important details:

– Type of occupancy

– Owner’s name

– Survey number

– Size of the land

– Village name

– Cultivable land

– Uncultivable land

– Sub-division of survey number

– Khata no

– Details of agricultural aspects of land

How to Get 7/12 Extract Online?

– Visit the official website – https://bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in/ 

– On the home page, select the appropriate section from Amravati, Aurangabad, Pune, Konkan, Nagpur and Nashik and then click on “Go” button.

– You will be redirected to the respective action page. 

– Select the 7/12 option and choose the district, taluka and village. 

 – You can search the 7/12 extract by using survey number, first name, middle name, last name and full name. Select any option from the above, fill in the details and then click on the search button.

– The 7/12 details will be displayed.

How to Obtain 7/12 Extract Offline?

To obtain a 7/12 extract offline, you need to visit the office of the Revenue department and perform the following steps:

– Fill out a form with the details of the land and the owner

– Provide the required documents, such as proof of identity and ownership of the land

– Pay the required fees

– Wait for the process to complete

– Collect the 7/12 extract from the office of the revenue department of Maharashtra or Gujarat.

How to Update the 7/12 Extract?

In the event of a change in ownership or other details of the land, the 7/12 extract must be updated. Here’s a comprehensive process to update the 7/12 extract – 

– Write a letter to the Talathi mention the jurisdiction of the area and the exact location of land.

– Provide necessary details and records related to property ownership.

– Talathi will verify the documents and process the request.

– Talathi will make the necessary changes and update the register.

Other Points to Remember When Buying a Property in Women’s Name

– Women should have a source of income to individually claim tax benefits.

– Banks do not provide home loans to a woman who does not have any source of income.

– In case of divorce, the property is divided based on the sale deed. 

– If any legal disputes arise in the future, the husband will be jointly responsible, even if the woman is the owner.


What happens if the 7/12 extract is lost or damaged?

If your 7/12 extract is lost or damaged, you can apply for a duplicate copy by visiting the Talathi office and providing the necessary details and documents.

Is it mandatory to have a 7/12 extract for all lands in Maharashtra?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a 7/12 extract for all lands in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This document is the official record of the ownership and details of the land and is necessary for a variety of purposes.

Is a 7/12 extract the same as a property title or ownership certificate?

No, a 7/12 extract is not the same as a property title or ownership certificate. A 7/12 extract is a record of the ownership and details of a particular piece of land in Maharashtra, while a property title or ownership certificate provides official proof of ownership of the land.

Is a 7/12 extract required for availing loan from banks for land related purposes?

Yes, a 7/12 extract is typically required for availing a loan from a bank for land-related purposes, such as purchasing or developing land. This document provides proof of ownership of the land and is necessary for the loan to be approved.

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