All You Need to Know About Greenfield Project Development

Last Updated on, September 6th, 2022

All You Need to Know About Greenfield Project Development

What is Greenfield Development?

Greenfield development is the one that takes place on an unused piece of land where no construction has taken place previously. Since there is no existing structure on the land, there is no prior work to be done on the site of the project. Unlike brownfield development, where the existing land is improved or redeveloped, in greenfield development, everything starts from scratch. 

A greenfield project can either be infrastructural, industrial, residential or commercial. 

Earlier, buildings were constructed on fields that were green. This is how the term “greenfield” was coined. The term “green” was also synonymous with the word “new”. As construction happened on lands that were fresh or new, the term greenfield came to be widely used for real estate projects.

Benefits of Greenfield Residential Development

1. Flexibility and better design – Since greenfield projects are built from scratch, hence these are friendly with the present and ready for the future. A developer has complete flexibility over the development of the site, as they do not have to demolish anything or make significant changes to the site. It enables the developer to be more imaginative and forward-thinking and enables much better and more efficient master planning, especially on larger layouts. For instance, at Marathon Nexworld, Dombivli, we had a vast canvas to work with so we could implement some revolutionary new master planning design ideas which resulted in more open spaces. You can check them out here. (link)

2. Planned Infrastructure Growth – Greenfield projects typically are built at locations where there is plenty of land available. In Mumbai, many greenfield projects are located on the outskirts of the city like Dombivli, Badlapur, and Panvel. Unlike earlier unplanned development in Mumbai city, new development happens as per the Government’s Development Plan which is published regularly in the form of Development Control Regulations (DCR). The Development Plan mandates minimum road widths, infrastructure, public amenities and more, which results in a planned development. This is one reason why large parts of Navi Mumbai are well planned, with wide roads, open spaces and good public amenities.

3. Better Quality of Life – A residential greenfield project is equipped with top-notch amenities that cater to people across all age groups. Surrounded by open spaces and greenery, the environment is clean and pollution-free. The community living experience also improves social life. Developers can also plan unique amenities that are just not possible with the space constraints within the city.

Greenfield Development Projects in Mumbai

While Mumbai is a well-developed city, there is a huge land bank available at the outskirts of Mumbai. Areas like Kalyan-Shil road and Panvel look promising for the development of premium residential townships. Several reputed developers like Marathon, Lodha, Hiranandani and many more are building greenfield residential projects in these regions.

Marathon Nexworld, Marathon Nextown, and Marathon Nexzone are the greenfield projects built by Marathon. All of these township projects are located in booming and futuristic locations.

Marathon Nexworld, Dombivli (E)

Marathon Nextown and Marathon Nexworld are prominent township projects near Kalyan-Shil road. Both these projects offer affordable 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 2.5 BHK homes that come with a host of recreational amenities.

Marathon Nextown, Kalyan-shil road

Nextown is known for its antique European architecture with open spaces, palatial homes, green surroundings, and an iconic clock tower. Since this is a greenfield development, such a European-influenced infrastructure was possible. Homes at Nexworld are known for effortless design. All homes have huge windows offering beautiful views, ample storage space, and well-defined floor plans that optimally use each square foot.

Marathon Nexzone, Panvel

Marathon Nexzone is another greenfield residential township project in Panvel. It has luxurious 1, 2, and 2.5 BHK homes with valley views and a host of amenities. The best part about Nexzone is its location. When you stay at Nexzone, you stay in the middle of some of the best infrastructure projects in India. Nexzone is just 10 minutes away from the Navi Mumbai International Airport. From Nexzone, you can reach South Mumbai in as quick as 45 minutes via the Mumbai Trans Harbour Sea Link (MTHL).


What is a greenfield site?

A site that has never been used in construction is known as a greenfield site. These sites can be found within or outside the city. Agricultural land is a typical example of a greenfield site. 

What is the difference between greenfield and brownfield development?

In simple words, reconstructing a structure by demolishing an existing structure is a brownfield development, whereas building a structure from scratch on undeveloped land is called greenfield development.

What are some examples of greenfield projects in Mumbai?

The Navi Mumbai International Airport is the best example of greenfield development in Mumbai as it is being built from the initial stage.

What are some challenges of developing a greenfield project?

The cost of construction is higher in greenfield projects as they are built from the start. Also, if the construction requires any change in surroundings such as cutting down trees or any other environmental damage, the developer may have to deal with the local authorities and get the necessary environmental approvals.

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