BHK – Full Form, Significance & How to Select the Right BHK

Last Updated on, April 29th, 2024

When hunting for a property or just investing in real estate in India, you’d have come across the term “BHK”. The acronym is the most common in the Indian market. Understanding BHK is crucial for anyone looking to buy, rent, or even sell a property, as it provides a concise way to describe the layout and configuration of a residential unit.

What Does BHK Mean?

BHK stands for Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen – the 3 main components that define the essential living spaces within a home or apartment. For example, a 2 BHK means the property has 2 bedrooms, 1 hall and 1 kitchen. Hence, the term BHK is used to convey the property configuration. 

The concept of BHK applies to all types of residential spaces such as flats, villas, apartments, etc.

Significance of BHK

Knowing the BHK configuration of a property is important for several reasons:

1. Determine Property Valuation & Rental Rates

BHK plays a vital role in determining property value and rental rates. The higher the number of BHKs, the higher can be the price value and rental value of the flat. Flats with fewer BHKs are considered more affordable and suitable for smaller families.

 2. Efficient Property Search

When you’re hunting for a property, you can filter out based on your BHK requirements. The concept of BHK streamlines the property hunting process, saving time and effort. 

3. Space & Layout Evaluation

BHK also offers a clear picture of the size and layout of the property. It can help you determine if the layout aligns with your preferences. For example, a 1BHK apartment is suitable for a single person or a newlywed couple, while a 2BHK apartment is ideal for a small family with one or two children.

Difference Between Occupancy & Completion Certificate

BHK Config Description
1 BHK 1 bedroom, 1 hall and 1 kitchen
1.5 BHK 1 bedroom, 1 mini bedroom, 1 hall and kitchen. This configuration may have 1 common bathroom and 1 master bedroom.
2 BHK 2 bedrooms, 1 hall, 1 kitchen. This configuration has 1 master bedroom or may have even 2 master bedrooms.
2.5 BHK 2 master bedrooms, 1 mini bedroom, a hall and a kitchen.
3 BHK 3 bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. This configuration may have 2 or even 3 master bedrooms.
4 BHK 4 bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen.

What Is 0.5 BHK or Half Bedroom?

This configuration includes a mini-bedroom which is of a smaller size than a standard bedroom. This small space can be a study room, a home office for work-from-home purposes, or even a guest room for occasional visitors. This trend of 0.5 BHK is growing in India with luxury apartments offering this configuration. It increases the usable area of a living space and enhances the overall functionality.

What Is RK or Studio Apartment?

1 RK or Studio apartment configuration is also gaining prominence in expensive metro cities like Mumbai. This type of configuration has 1 room, a kitchen and a space for a bathroom. It is specifically designed for single occupants or couples who are pressed for budget. These units offer a cosy and functional living space. RK and Studio apartments are popular choices for those seeking affordable living options in cities like Mumbai that have high real estate prices.

How to Decide the Right BHK Size When Hunting for a Property?

1. Budget

When evaluating the right BHK size for your family, the budget is the most important thing to consider. A larger BHK configuration comes with a higher price or high monthly rent. Hence, you will need to strike a balance between your desired BHK and what you can afford. 

2. Family Size

The next important thing to consider is your family’s size and lifestyle needs. If you are a couple, a 1 BHK house may be sufficient enough. However, if you do family planning in the future or stay with your parents, you can consider buying or renting a 2 or 3 BHK. Additionally, it would be wise to your lifestyle needs. Families with frequent guests or those working from home may require an additional bedroom, hence, a home with a larger configuration may make more sense. 

3. Future Plans

When choosing a home, it is also important to consider your plans. If you plan to buy a home and stay in that particular city for a long time, buying a larger home like a 2 or 3 BHK would be suitable. However, if you’re unsure of your future plans, a compact 1 BHK residence might prove to be a flexible choice.

4. Long Term Investment

If you’re buying property as a long-term investment, consider future resale or rental prospects too. Larger BHK configurations may appreciate over time and have a broader market appeal. However, smaller units can also be attractive investment options in high-demand areas. 

5. Maintenance Charges

This is often the most overlooked part of home buying. Larger units with more bedrooms and living spaces often incur higher maintenance costs due to their increased size. Also, check the society’s maintenance charges for other amenities such as repair, water, electricity, lift, elevators, etc. Taking maintenance charges into consideration will help you gauge the financial viability of your chosen BHK option.

BHK and Carpet Area

While exploring properties, you may have come across different floor plans and layouts. In real estate, there are no rules for standard-sized BHK units. Developers create their plans as per what they believe will be the right for the market and location.

A 1 BHK unit may have a size equivalent to a 2 BHK unit and a 2 BHK unit may have a size equivalent to 1.5 BHK. You may have found a few 1 BHK units appear bigger than a standard 2 BHK unit. 

Hence, it is sometimes important to consider the RERA carpet area. It is the net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment. 

As a new homeowner, you should look for a RERA carpet area and a usable area in your apartment. 

Below is a typical range of size and configuration of Marathon properties

Configuration Size
1 BHK 250-510 sq ft
2 BHK 490-760 sq ft
3 BHK 900-1400 sq ft


Can the BHK configuration change over time?

This can only happen if the owner renovates or modifies the house. For example, an additional bedroom may be created by partitioning a larger living room and changing the config from 1 BHK to 2 BHK. Likewise, a 3 BHK config can be changed to 2 BHK by combining two smaller bedrooms into 1 larger bedroom.

Are smaller configurations easy to resale?

While smaller configurations are more affordable, their resale potential highly depends on the local real estate market rates and the demand for properties in that particular area.

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