Is Monsoon the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate?

Last Updated on, September 6th, 2022

Monsoon is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate

The monsoon season is here in all its glory. Green surroundings, dip in temperature, overcast conditions, garam chai and pakode, there are just plenty of reasons to love the monsoon. You’d be wondering, what’s in it for property buyers?

Contrary to the typical notion of not buying property during the monsoon, the rainy season may in fact be the best time to buy a property. This season offers prospective property buyers some valuable insights about the property. 

Here are a few reasons ‌that make monsoon the best time to invest in real estate:

1. Raining Discounts

In India, monsoon season is considered a lean period for real estate. Property buyers usually prefer to purchase properties in the festive season of September-October and Gudi Padwa March-April. The thing is, developers know that the festive season sees high demand and that they can, in fact, command a premium. During monsoon, when site visits are lower, the developer still needs to sell inventory to maintain smooth cash flows, so with less demand, they often offer good deals. It’s simply a matter of supply vs demand. 

As a result, attractive discounts and offers are often up for grab during monsoons! Real estate developers offer attractive deals to boost their sales for that quarter. As a property buyer, you can leverage this situation to buy the best properties at a slightly lower cost. 

At Marathon, we have several offers running on our projects.

Monsoons are amazing at Marathon Nexzone, Panvel

– You can book your dream home with Marathon and pay no pre-EMIs for the next 24 months*. You can read more about the EMI holiday scheme here.

– At Marathon Nexzone, Panvel, we have introduced easy pay schemes. You can pay 10% at the time of purchase and 90% on OC on nearing completion of premium 2BHK homes. We also have a pay 25% each year scheme on under-construction homes at Nexzone. There are several other payment plans available as a part of the monsoon offers at Nexzone

– At our township in Kalyan-Shil, Marathon Nextown, you can book a nearing completion 1 BHK home by paying 25% now, 25% on completion of the top slab and 50% on OC.

2. Properly Evaluate the Location in Rains

A site visit during the monsoon offers valuable insights not just about the property but also about the location. It will help you evaluate the water-logging situation in that area and also see the quality of roads that lead to the site. 

In a city like Mumbai, some ‌areas are prone to flooding and traffic jams. The extent of these issues can be determined well if you pay a site visit during the rainy season. Apart from this, you can also get an idea about the surrounding greenery in the monsoon.

3. Move-In During Auspicious Festive Season

The monsoon season is followed by an array of festivals. Festive occasions like Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dhanteras, and Diwali are considered being auspicious ones to kick-start new beginnings. Hence, if you purchase a nearing completion property in a monsoon, by the time it ends, you can move into your new home during the auspicious festive season. We have nearing completion homes at Marathon Nexworld, Dombivli, Marathon Nextown, Kalyan-Shil, Marathon Nexzone, Panvel and Monte South, Byculla.

Own a nearing completion 2 BHK at Marathon Nextown, Kalyan-shil

4. Free Pick Up and Drop Facility

The spell of rain brings along plenty of challenges. The biggest one of them is travelling. In a city like Mumbai, travelling is absolutely a nightmare during monsoon seasons. However, some developers offer a free pickup and drop facility to the site if you schedule a site visit during monsoon. You can avail this facility across all the properties by Marathon Group. 

Hence, the monsoon is the best time to buy the property and leverage the low demand. Check out our ongoing projects across Mumbai.

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