Here’s What to Expect in a Real Estate Site Visit

Last Updated on, May 29th, 2023

Buying a new home is an overwhelming yet exciting process. In the journey of home buying, one of the critical steps is a real estate site visit as it gives you a firsthand look at the property you are considering buying. 

The site visit gives you an opportunity to see the property, its neighbourhood, and its amenities, and gather as much information as you can. You can also experience the feeling of just being there and envisioning it as your future home. 

This blog is a comprehensive guide on what to expect during a real estate site visit, while also offering tips for potential home buyers to prepare for the site visit.

Before the Site Visit

1. Inquire About PickUp & Drop Facility

Before planning a site visit, you can inquire with the developer about the pickup and drop facility. The pickup & drop facility ensures that the site visit is smooth and stress-free. 

At Marathon, we also offer free pick-up and drop facilities across all our projects. You can contact our respective site team to schedule the time and fix the pickup point.

2. Assessing Connectivity & Daily Commute

You can also use your own vehicle or public transportation for travel. Travelling independently will give you an idea of the connectivity, and also observe the traffic situation and road conditions. This experience will give you firsthand insight into how your daily commute will look like and whether you like the location or not!

During the Site Visit

1. Check-in Process

On arrival, you are greeted by the front desk. There is a basic check-in process where you will need to fill out a form with details of what your budget is and what configuration you’re looking for de. The salesperson will give you a basic overview of the property – its configuration, possession date, pricing, amenities and any other features of the property. He/she may even ask you some initial questions to know your requirements in a better way.

2. Site Tour

Post the check-in process, the salesperson will take you through the site tour. The purpose of the site tour is to help you grasp the overall concept of the project and envision your future home in the best possible way. 

The site tour can be divided into various phases:

a) Overview of Location

Location is one of the most important factors in real estate. During the site visit, the sales team gives you a detailed explanation of the surrounding locality and its development plan using maps and other resources. 

This can give you insights into the strategic advantages of the location and growth prospects of the area. By knowing the future development plan of the surrounding area and the long-term benefits of buying the property in that area, you can make an informed decision.

b) Project AV

At Marathon, we also showcase the project’s audio-visual AV that showcases the project plan, layout, amenities, and lifestyle offerings. The project film sets the tone for a fruitful site visit. It also explains the WHY behind building a particular project.

c) Model Tour

A meticulously crafted display model of the entire project is available on the site. Our sales team uses the display model to point out key landmarks, the architectural design and the structure of the project and help you visualize how the project will look once it will be complete. 

There are various display models available. A sample flat model simply showcases the layout of the flat and its configuration. A sample floor model showcases the layout of the floor. A sample building model showcases the building, podium, entrance and exit points. 

d) Sample Flat

Once you have seen the display models, you can then proceed to see the sample flat. You can check the overall design and layout of the sample flat, the size of each room, the view from the room, and the ventilation of the property.

e) Show Flat

Our sales team will also take you on a tour of the show flat. A show flat is one designed by the developer. You can use the show flat tour to get inspiration and seek ideas on interior design, lighting, choice of colour and fixtures. 

f) Virtual Tour of Amenities

Nowadays, developers also provide virtual tours of planned amenities that are under construction. These tours are presented as 3D rendering and virtual reality experiences. Such virtual tours can give you a first-hand look at what the amenities will look like once they are completed.

Pro tip – The main difference between a show flat and sample flat lies in its presentation. A show flat is designed by the developer to showcase the potential aesthetics and interior of the flat. A sample flat gives you an understanding of the room size, layout and ventilation.

3. Understanding Floor Plans

The agent will also take you through the detailed floor plans of the property. By knowing your desired configurations, he/she will explain various floor plans available and how they differ in terms of layout and pricing. You can even ask questions about any customization options or upgrades available to buyers.

4. Reviewing Brochures & Videos

After the site tour, the sales team will show you the rendered photos and videos of the amenities and the overall property. At Marathon, we believe in setting realistic expectations and ensuring that right from the beginning, our customers have a clear understanding of what to expect. We showcase rendered images of amenities that closely resemble the actual amenities we will be constructing. 

You also get brochures, floor plans and other collaterals that you can refer to later. These reference collaterals can be handy when you sit with your family to decide as you have all the necessary information available.

5. Negotiation

Negotiation is quite common during property purchase. Most developers try to sell their properties as soon as possible. As a buyer, should should take your time in thoroughly evaluating your decision. You can also expect negotiations during the site visit. The salesperson may present you with some attractive discount offers which you can accept, reject or make counteroffers. The negotiation process is a complex one and it may involve multiple rounds of offers and counteroffers. 

However, in some cases, the inventory may sell our quickly. So, it’s essential to strike a balance between careful evaluation and recogizing the possibility of limited availability. 

At Marathon, we have on-spot site offers available on all our sites. You can grab these site offers to buy your home at a good discounted price.

6. Other Information About the Developer

The site team may also provide some important information about the developer. This can include their past projects, their current portfolio of projects, and any accolades and awards they have received for their work. 

This information can be helpful for a buyer who is looking for a reliable developer having a proven track record of delivering good-quality projects on time.

7. Banker Assistance

Many developers also provide banker assistance at the project site. The banker can provide loan assistance, mortgage payment assistance, and help you navigate the other complexities related to home financing. At Marathon, we have a banker assistance facility available across all our sites.

8. Feedback From Residents

If the property is partially constructed, you can also get the opportunity to meet residents who have already moved in. You can talk to these residents to get a firsthand review of the property. Take their candid feedback on the quality of construction, living experience, amenities, neighbourhood, and overall satisfaction.

Knowing what to expect during a site visit can help you make the most out of your time and gain all the information needed to make an informed decision.

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