Factors that will define the future-ready workplace

Last Updated on, October 27th, 2022

Marathon Futurex is home to many such offices catering to a number of big brands.

By the end of 2019, one of the bright spots of the realty sector was the growth seen in the commercial spaces segment. Despite the exponential increase in the number of co-working spaces, and a distributed gig worker economy enabled by technology, large companies are continuing to benefit from having large offices at key business centres. We believe the following factors will set apart workspaces ready for the future, from the rest.

Marathon Futurex, Lower Parel

A prime location is key

Almost always, a superb location is top of the wish list for big businesses. Metro cities pose several challenges; like the need to be around key business districts, modes of transport available to travel to the workplace, time spent in the commute itself, finding large and flexible spaces, etc. Properties like Marathon Futurex are in a position to address most of these challenges.

Marathon Futurex, Lower Parel

Situated at Lower Parel, it gets offices the benefit of being located in the heart of one of Mumbai’s biggest business districts, and this provides them with a favourable ecosystem for growth. It is also advantageous that Futurex has almost zero need for last-mile connectivity. Accessibility to public transport systems makes commute faster and economical for most regular employees. Futurex’s location is strategically superior because of the excellent rail and road connectivity – it’s a minute’s walk from local train stations on both the Central and Western lines, and also a minute’s walk from the monorail station. Combine this with its close proximity to the arterial highways and an upcoming metro station, and one can reach Futurex in under an hour from any part of Mumbai – a huge blessing. Also beneficial is the kind of social infrastructure around – be it premium hotels, plush restaurants, ritzy malls, upmarket retail centers, etc.

A space that is flexible and thoughtful in design

Most large offices are designed to have a welcoming feel to them; instead of closed cabin-dominant workspaces, businesses today want vast, open or cluster setups where people collaborate, communicate and co-create.

Marathon Futurex, Lower Parel

Futurex works great for these kinds of workplaces; large commercial spaces starting 4,500 sq.ft., with long column-free sections, high ceilings, massive floor-to-ceiling windows that offer great views outside, allow businesses the freedom to create bespoke offices while getting the most out of every square foot. For example, a single floor at Futurex can accommodate a 65,000 square foot office, while being able to comfortably hold around 120 workstations in a 10,000 square foot section thanks to large column-less areas.

A workplace that aids in attracting and retaining talent

Thanks to Futurex’s location that makes the commute to and fro simple, employees will find travelling to work a less daunting task. Because of the way Futurex is designed, the well-lit and spacious offices have a warm, welcoming feel to them, and that’s something that is pleasing to almost all office goers.

Starbucks at Marathon Futurex, Lower Parel

Futurex also has a number of thoughtful amenities and facilities for the convenience of the 7000+ employees that walk in every day. For people having to come to work with a baby, there’s a crèche facility available; people who need access to a cafeteria for their food requirements benefit from a cafe, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and even an upcoming food court within the tower; with multiple sky-gardens built in the structure, it is also easy for employees to unwind and relax without even stepping out of the compound.
When a business center ticks these boxes; it’s a step towards creating workplaces that employees love coming to.

Creche at Marathon Futurex, Lower Parel

An ecosystem that combines sustainable optimization and smart facilities

Gold-rated Green buildings such as Marathon Futurex have been designed to empower organisations with the benefits of adopting sustainable measures that minimise operating costs. Thanks to features like double glazed windows that keep out heat while allowing lots of natural light, a state-of-the-art VRV system of air conditioning, and an STP setup to treat and re-use sewage water, Futurex offers an average of 20-30% energy savings and 30-50% water savings.


Some facilities that benefit a number of businesses at Futurex include, the food options within premises that allow offices the option of skipping the in-house cafeteria; this helps them save on cost and space. The tower is managed and maintained by an in-house team, and security and safety are top-notch thanks to an advanced BMS-controlled environment; there’s also a very pretty outdoor space for people or brands to utilise in case they have any private events to host.


An increasing number of people across Mumbai are looking to find work at offices that are conveniently accessible. It’s an added advantage if these offices are smartly designed, and the workplace has adequate facilities. While businesses are looking for properties that check these parameters, they are also keen on properties that benefit from the concept of ‘form follows function’. Marathon Futurex seems to strike a fair balance – thoughtfully designed commercial spaces at an excellent location, designed to keep operational costs in check, an iconic property with sensible amenities and facilities for the convenience of its employees. The property currently houses some of the biggest brands across industries, like Loreal, Thomas Cook, Diageo, Invesco, mSwipe, Hindustan Petroleum, CDSL, Tata AIA Life, HDFC, Quick Heal, and many others.

Head to marathon.in/futurex/ to know more.

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