Marathon Millennium Receives OC

Last Updated on, December 5th, 2023

Marathon Millennium, an iconic 27-storey commercial tower in Mulund, has reached an important milestone. We have received the Occupancy certificate, and the tower is now ready till the 20th floor. The completion of Marathon Millennium marks the dawn of a new era in Mulund. It marks the rise of the commercial estate in Mulund, that has long been anticipated.

Key Facts

Space completed – 3,50,000 sq ft

Floors completed – 20

Eventual height – 27 storeys

Location – Adjacent to metro station on LBS Marg, Near Nirmal Lifestyle

Mulund Rising

Over the last 2 decades, Mulund has undergone phenomenal residential development. Even today, plenty of prominent developers like Marathon, Lodha, Piramal, Runwal, Oberoi, Wadhwa and many more have their residential projects in Mulund. Apart from new development, various redevelopment projects have happened in the last decade and many more are underway, further shaping the landscape of Mulund. 

Such a large-scale residential development has attracted affluent audiences to Mulund. These affluent audiences also include the likes of white-collar working professionals, self-employed Chartered Accountants and Doctors and entrepreneurs. These professionals would prefer a workplace near to their homes as time is the most crucial resource for them. 

A few years back, we realised that while Mulund has undergone turbo-charged residential development, commercial development lagged behind. The next big thing in Mulund would be commercial real estate and the seeds are sown for the future growth of commercial real estate. We realised this and came up with the idea of Marathon Millennium, which is not just a commercial tower but a visionary step towards shaping the future of commercial real estate in Mulund.

The Millennium Advantage

The best thing about Millennium is its strategic location. It is located on LBS road, next to the upcoming metro station. It enjoys great connectivity to Thane, Navi Mumbai and other parts of Mumbai via Eastern Expressway, LBS road and Central railways. Mulund railway station is 10 minutes away from Millennium. Whether it’s about employees who come daily to the office or clients, the commute will be easy for all at Millennium, all thanks to its excellent location.

Marathon Millennium provides smart and modern offices that resonate with the ambitions of your growing business. Our offices range from 350 to 10,000 sq ft. catering to businesses of all sizes.

Covered in a stunning glass exterior, Marathon Millennium stands out with its impressive looks, catching everyone’s attention. It’s not just about the way it looks, though—it’s super practical too. When you step inside, you feel welcomed as there is a grand entrance lobby and the elevators are super-fast, ensuring that your time is crucial. Your experience at Millennium will be top-notch.

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“Marathon Millennium embodies our vision for the bright future of commercial real estate in Mulund. Right from its launch, the demand for offices at Millennium has been overwhelming and now, only a few units are left. The fast completion of construction showcases our commitment to providing modern business spaces in Mulund.”  – Kaivalya Shah, Director, Marathon Group

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