Not just amenities, but experiences

Not just amenities, but experiences

Everyone talks about ‘world class amenities’, and sure, we have them all at Nexworld. But what we think deeply about is the experience of each amenity. And this kind of design thinking results in amenities that go far beyond serving their function – that become epic, unforgettable experiences.

Amenities in Phase 1 are set to be delivered by Dec 2024

Infinity Pool

This is not just a pool to swim in. It is a pool where you can simply relax, gaze out at the greenery, have great conversations and experiences in. Hours will roll by and you will never want to leave!


Why a meadow? Because study after study shows this is the most pleasant environment for human beings. Open grasslands for you relax in, for your children to run around freely and play. And if you’re not one of those active types you can enjoy this beauty even from your own window!

Kid’s Play Area

Premium play equipment with a variety of activities for your children to enjoy every day. This helps children develop physically and mentally, and leaves no chance for them to ever feel bored!

Sports Court

Cricket, football, volleyball, and many other possibilities! This sports court will have an artificial turf, nets and flood lights for those who play their sports seriously. Play your favorite sports to your heart’s delight, day or night, rain or sun!