Marathon Price Protection Plan

Book a home now and get the best price guarantee for 90 days.

Guaranteed best price on your home

Marathon is offering price protection – which means that you are guaranteed the best price on your home for a 3 months window. In case there is any price correction in the next 3 months, the full benefits will be passed on to customers who book right now.

Limited period offer

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How does it work?


Block the home of your choice in any Marathon project by paying a refundable token amount of 30000.


That’s it. Your price is protected for 90 days from the day of payment of token amount. At the time of booking, you are assured of the best price on the apartment. If the price goes up, you are assured of the older price. If the price goes down, you get the lower price on your apartment of choice.


Visit our office/project site as per your convenience post the lockdown & make the final buying decision.


You are assured of the least possible price on your apartment for a 90 day period.

If you are in the market to buy a home, you no longer need to postpone your decision due to market uncertainties. Your interest is protected under this plan

This offer is valid for all bookings in the lockdown period, unless otherwise agreed upon between the two parties.

It is applicable over & above any other existing offers on the project.

Price protection is available for the following projects – Nexzone, Nextown, Nexworld, Eminence, NeoHomes.

The best price on your Marathon home

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