Our Vision and Dharma


At Marathon, the vision is the all-important set of statements that outlines our goals. Our performance management system is built around this to ensure that all our people are aligned to these larger goals. We work hard to achieve these goals and rigorously track our progress.

To be in the “Top 5 in Customer Satisfaction in Mumbai Metropolitan Region”

To grow 6.5 times in Revenue and 5 times in Area Constructed.

To be the “Most Trusted Developer in Mumbai Metropolitan Region”

To provide “Best in Class Design”

To be in the “Top 5 in Employee Engagement in Mumbai Metropolitan Region”


Marathon’s Dharma is the set of core principles that each Marathonite will uncompromisingly follow. These are values that are the reason for our success derived from strong beliefs of the promoters. All our rewards and recognition programs, competency measurements of employees, and promotion decisions are shaped around our Dharma.


Stand tall in terms of integrity & transparency


Continuosly improve & scale heights


Always focus on customer delight


Respect resources and create exponential value


Constantly endeavour to create happiness for all


Be committed and respectful to all and at the same time be firm and fair