Here are the steps in registering your the Agreement for your flat.

1. Payment of stamp duty and registration amount

You will need to pay the stamp duty and registration charges. We will notify you when this amount is due. You will receive the Stamp Duty and Registration demand letter, Registration Slip. Your Relationship Manger will also call you to explain the process.

You will need to submit KYC documents along with the Stamp duty and registration fee and the signed registration slip as per details mentioned in the stamp duty demand letter.

2. Agreement reading and signing

Your agreement will be prepared and you will be invited to our office to read the agreement for sale and complete the signing formalities along with all the signatories.

3. Franking

Your Agreement for Sale will get franked after completion of your signing formalities and submission of all relevant KYC documents.

4. Registration

Once you indicate your preferred date for registration, you will receive an intimation call and mail about the token received from the Sub-Registrar’s office for the final registration date.

You will have to visit the Sub-Registrar’s office for the completion of the registration formalities. Our executive will be present during registration to assist you.

We typically receive the registered agreement from the Sub-Registrar’s office within 7 working days post the completion of registration of the Agreement for your flat. We will intimate you once we receive the original agreement so that you can collect it.


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